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How We Work

Sourcing: customers can send us the inquired products with as detailed info as possible, such as the links, images, requirements, target qty, target price and so on, and then we’ll source from wholesale markets or factories directly and offer you our quotes with competitive prices. The sourcing time depends on your numbers of products, and your requirements. Usually for <10 items we can get back to you within 2 working days, and 3 days for 20 items, and 1 week for 30+ items. Sourcing is free. We only charge you commission when you confirm the bulk order.

Repackaging : There are occasions when the factory's the packages are not good and they can't find way to improve, or they charge high to upgrade the package. In this case, we can help do the repackaging with lowest cost as we have gathered a lot of packaging resourcespoly bags, bubble bags, craft box, white box, aluminium box, iron box and so on. We can find and customize easily.

Bundling: It's easy for us to bundle different products into one to make our products stand out, as mentioned above we have a lot of packaging factories to help do this.

Sampling : If you think our quote is not bad, we can have the manufacture send us a current sample and a customized one for you to check the quality and decide whether to proceed with bulk order.

Bulk Order: after approval of the sample, we would send you an invoice to get bulk order started. In this stage, we will sign contracts on your behalf to the factories or suppliers in order to control the production, delivery and quality.

Consolidation: customers usually have products coming from different cities of China, but we can consolidate all of them in our warehouse to arrange the inspection and shipment.

Inspection: if you source and order products through us, we provide free inspection:

When goods are delivered to our warehouse, we would check at least 30% of the goods firstly to see if they are as whet we ordered. If we find something wrong, we would check deeper into 40% 50% even to 100%, until no problem found. For any issues we found, Eg, the numbers of goods that are damaged during the transportation; the misplaced logo, wrong colors, or less of quantity and so on. For every detail, we would take photos or videos and so on, and we would do Inspection Report for your reference if necessary.

If you need us only the inspection services, there are 2 conditions:

1. Your goods to be sent to our warehouse: we charge $0.1 for most of the goods, except some big machines, or something that we need to operate to check the working, in which case, the charges need recalculating.

2. If you need us go to the manufacturer and inspect the products there, we charge $100 per day, and you have to cover the transportation cost and accommodation cost, which depends on the city of the manufacture and the timing as well.

Photography:we provide free photography when your order value is above $10,000 for white-background ones. For $50 per product for lifestyle ones.

Shipping: we can do EXW, FOB, CIF, FBA, DDP, DDU, door to door, all flexible for us.

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