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Sourcing and importing goods from China are quite easy in this day and age, but there are increasing numbers of customers especially E-commerce sellers who have found it’s quite hard to private label their products to stand out due to varies of reasons. In light of the market demand, Kingsline Group started focusing on E-commerce mainly from 2013. With time passing by, Kingsline Group has gathered abundant resources, such as packaging factories, professional bundling system, different products’ manufactures and multiple shipping channels and so forth. We aim to help E-commerce sellers save time and energy on one hand, and boom their business on the other hand. Customers only need to send us links or photos of the products with requirements and we’ll do the following for them: sourcing, bundling, private labeling, OEM packaging, consolidation, inspection, photography and shipping. We’ve witnessed the growing of 100+ customers’ business from original 2k start-up to current millions of turnover and helped realize their E-commerce dreams. If you have the same ambition or even bigger ones, come on and join us right now. Let’s get work done! We will be here in China back you up all the time!

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Jimmy Xu
Phone: +86-15109253562
Tel: 0579-87961814
Email: sales@kingsline.com.cn
Add: No.572 Hongshen Road, Shanghong west district, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. PC: 322000

Contact Us

Contact: Jimmy Xu

Phone: +86-15109253562

Tel: +86-15109253562

Add: No 129, Houfu Section, Beiyuan district, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. PC: 322000